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James Satterthwaite
Head of Sales and Trading

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RM Capital’s Fixed Income business provides execution to institutional clients across the credit spectrum. We trade in products such as government bonds, ABS, retail, corporate and financial bonds as well bespoke structured and illiquid products.

Navigating the bond markets can be difficult, with significantly reduced secondary market liquidity. Banks face greater regulatory responsibility and constraints on risk-taking activities, diminishing liquidity and putting upward pressure on bid/ask spreads.

Your Sales & Trading team

RM Capital’s Sales & Trading division is focused on helping clients navigate through these increasingly complicated Fixed Income Markets. The Sales & Trading’s team remit is to:

  • Support customers in trading efficiently, sourcing and placing assets whilst reducing significant dealing costs.
  • Provide an experienced intermediary sales team, who have invested time in developing tight relationships to better understand our client’s requirements.
  • Ensure a focused sales effort in transitioning risk from one counterparty to another, particularly adding value in sourcing and placing illiquid/distressed credit assets, financials, HY and EM bonds.
  • Operate with our customers’ absolute discretion in mind.
  • Specialise in dealing in assets outside our client’s jurisdiction, helping source liquidity and investment opportunities on a global scale.








Through their extensive client and market network, the team are able to source competitive prices on behalf of clients (especially for illiquid and thinly traded products), thus reducing dealing costs. Understanding what a fair price for illiquid credit securities is challenging, with few visible price reference points. By using discernible credit reference points, team members can price and value hard to value credit products. Using collective knowledge of the market, the team execute client orders discreetly and in a timely fashion.

The Sales & Trading team works closely with pension funds, asset managers, hedge funds and wealth managers and can discretely and accurately price and execute business for clients during testing markets.

James Satterthwaite is a Director of RM Capital but also heads up the Sales & Trading desk. The development of this team now means it is regularly ranked first or second within its peer group for monthly volumes transacted in the UK Government Bond Market.

Clearing and Settlements

RM Capital’s trades are cleared and settled through Industrial Commercial Bank of China Financial Services LLC (ICBCFS). ICBCFS is a leading provider of financing solutions and execution services in all major markets. We operate under a Model B agreement, with ICBC guaranteeing our trade settlement credit risk.